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About Jennifer 

Jennifer took her first yoga class in 2007 and fell in love. The flow of movement with breath allowed her to connect with her body in a way she hadn't experienced before. Jennifer's practice evolved as she experienced the inner alignment of heart, mind, and soul. This inner alignment is what guides her as a teacher.  Jennifer's personal yoga practice has sustained her during some of life's most difficult moments, reuniting the scattered parts of herself. Jennifer's grief, loss, and trauma inform and inspire her teaching.  

Because of Jennifer’s direct experience she firmly believes yoga in its many forms offers a path of healing for the whole being. Over time with consistent effort, yoga can dissolve physical tension in the body and address blockages of stuck or stagnant energy in the energetic body. The opportunity to befriend the body, mind, and spirit develops because of this work. Tools for self-regulation widen the window of tolerance for the external and internal, increasing one's threshold and ability to be present with the full spectrum of life.

Jennifer's intention is to support students to feel balanced, grounded, and spiritually nourished. Jennifer offers a judgment-free zone, encouraging students to embrace, honor, and connect with their life force energy through the movement of the body and the breath.  

When not on the mat Jennifer can be found walking the beach, snuggling with her dog Lil' Red, cooking a delicious meal, or spending time with her husband of 24 years, their children, extended family & friends. 

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