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" I have been practicing with Jennifer for several years and each time I come to the mat my experience is heightened by her calm, caring demeanor.   She guides us with grace, and her expertise informs our practice in ways which allow us to grow as seekers.  She gives us freedom to listen to our bodies and perform Yin Yoga to benefit mind and body.  I realize people talk about the mind body connection all the time but with Jennifer it’s truth. Grateful is the word to best describe my feelings about practicing with Jennifer"

 — Lin 

Image by Annie Spratt

"In October of 2019, I had my first Yin Yoga class with Jennifer.  Without a doubt, it was one of the most healing experiences I have had in body, mind and spirit.   Jennifer embodies what Yoga is, as she creates both a safe and spiritual place for all to heal and help not only themselves but each other.   Her enthusiasm for yoga and pureness of heart attract wonderfully kind individuals who also bring their own joy for yoga and community to her classes.  

Knowing Jennifer has made a wonderful difference in my life!!!!"

— Kim 

"Jennifer offers yoga in a way that I have not experienced with other yoga teachers. Jennifer not only practices yoga, she lives yoga. Yoga embodies her mind, body & soul from a place of humble love.   She comes to the mat with her own deep spirituality. The readings and quotations she shares weave into the poses seamlessly and help me to fully open to the experience, feeling safe and supported. Jennifer is a beautiful guide. I finish feeling nourished and renewed.
Jennifer is dedicated to being an informed teacher through extensive and committed education. Jennifer teaches from a place of true understanding, empathy and compassion and provides a space free of judgement so you can fully immerse yourself in healing feeling perfectly safe and embraced in Divine Love."

— Michele 

Image by Junseong Lee

"I attend Jennifer's yin yoga class every chance I get and leave feeling rejuvenated and cleansed in both body and mind,  Jen has a keen awareness of both the human body and human condition so her class seamlessly connects the physical with the spiritual.  She is a gift I give myself weekly." 

— Dee

Yoga Equipment

"I love yin yoga with Jen and I look forward to my weekly sessions with her!!!  She takes time to show us the pose and the different ways to move into them.    She's a wonderful teacher and her classes are mindful and calming, while working through some challenging poses." 

- Nancy

pranasunyoga_half lotus

I enjoy yoga with Jen. I especially like the passages and quotations she brings to class.  She recognizes if I have difficulty and suggests a modified pose or how to use different props.  I leave her classes in a yoga bliss and can't wait for the next time. "

— Tim

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